June 21, 2018 A blog by Roopali Lamba

The Connaught experience

The Connaught experience has got to be shared. I love the stylish and classy snugness of the hotel. And I want to keep going back. And I do. It could be just a drink at the glitzy Connaught bar or a light meal at Espelette. An enjoyably lavish affair at Helene Darroze or a few sassy cocktails at the modern Coburg bar. Whatever the mood or occasion, the place doesn’t fail to impress. And the service is undoubtedly ace.

The location of the hotel is grand too. It occupies a quiet little corner of the swish Mount street in Mayfair. You step out of the hotel and there is jewellery and fashion stores to entice the ladies, cigars and rifles for the gentlemen and, if that isn’t enough, you can buy your very own Porsche next door. Voila! A chichi locale to the core!

I dined at Helene Darroze with a few friends couple of weeks ago. I must say the two michelin stars are very well deserved. The menu is not regular. You choose your ingredients and the final dish that you get is so well-presented and so full of flavours that its unbelievable. And then you get little cakes to take home after the satisfying meal. What an absolutely lovely touch! I gorged on that piece of delight the next day.

The other restaurant at the hotel needs a special mention too. Espelette serves the finest afternoon tea overlooking the very gorgeous water feature in front of the hotel. And the buzz in Mayfair comes as an added bonus. I got an opportunity to dine in this delightful setting on Valentine’s day with my handsome better half. The food was exceptionally good. Very close to fine dining. The staff was quite attentive too. It was a special evening in a special place!

So, next time you are thinking of spoiling yourself or a loved one, you know exactly the place. And don’t worry about looking good. The Connaught makes you look and feel regal! Try it!


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