June 21, 2018 A blog by Roopali Lamba

Splendeur Crémant

I was recently writing for a wine company. Their sparkling wine, in particular. What an appropriate time to write about it! It’s that time of the year again when it’s really all about fine wine and dine. And opening a good bottle of wine for someone is giving them a good time, dont you think? Coming back to splendeur crémant. Splendid it sure is. As close as you can get to the bubbly. But, its no more a replacement for it. Sparkling wine, just like red, white or pink wines has become quite popular with the wine enthusiasts.

A chilled glass of the sparkler is being quaffed, not just to celebrate, but as a social drink too. It has become fashionable. Here in the UK, I can say! And it goes with so many different foods and desserts. In fact, my pick of English sparkling wines would be Gusbourne Brut Reserve and Ridgeview’s Blanc de Blancs. Perfect with light canapes. And that doesn’t take away from the fact that there is an endless list out there. There is prosecco for every occasion. And cava. And lots more.

Actually, the number of awards that have been won by the producers of English sparkling wine over the last eight years tells a lot about the quality and the time thats being put into it’s production and acceptance. The tipple sure is giving a beating to the good old champagne. So, here’s to the good times!

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