June 21, 2018 A blog by Roopali Lamba

Bruce Weber’s Image

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An image can be much more than just an image. A well-captured photograph can be a work of art. And there is one I came across which proves just that. It is one of Bruce Weber’s exceptional works on display. It is a beautifully photographed and posed black and white picture. There are no captivating colors in it but you instantly connect to it. The child and the female model seem to have done a fantastic job. They look genuine and fit into the photographic moment so well.

The lady looks elegant and the classic chignon is adding to her beauty. Her look is quite simple but effortlessly graceful. The pearls add just the right glamour needed. In fact they give the picture its most important aspect of purity. They highlight the innocence in the little boy, in the atmosphere and in the chemistry between the two. The photograph is so well taken you could visualize a story in it. It could be a different story for someone else looking at it. To me the boy looks like he is deeply related to the woman. She could be his mother. And she might be all set to go for a night out. Now every child has his moment when the parents are going out. He seems to be having his and not very happy about it. She could be telling him how good and responsible a boy he is. And she would organize something fun for him for the next day. So he can look forward to it. The smile on her face says how much they are enjoying that moment of togetherness. The way the boy is holding the necklace tells you how intimate the bond is. He doesn’t want to let go of her. He is trying to persuade her not to go. But she is trying to explain she has to and would try to come back early. They are outside in the garden. It could be their backyard. So it’s a very personal moment in their space. The backdrop is not enclosed. The photo and the characters can breathe which adds positive energy to it. The picture has a feel good factor to it. It is definitely a good shot.

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