June 21, 2018 A blog by Roopali Lamba

All that glitters is in vogue!

Yes, it’s party season and shimmer and shine are at their sparkly best. And so, a true voguette thinks! The glitzy numbers ought to be bought and worn,no doubt. And I am not just talking apparel. Glitter on the eyes or elegant bling on the talons would do the trick too! But the whole idea is to keep the accessories minimal to let the spark show.

There are endless options out there. I recently bought a sequined top from Ted Baker. It is a stunning option if you want your look to be casual and chic. And if its only a touch of dazzle that you are after, then a pair of blingy- heeled Choos is what you really want! Else, there is sequin pants, maxi skirts, shorts, loafers et al.

So, ladies let’s just say it’s time to dazzle and conquer!!

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